An album simmering with background chaos worthy of prime-era Buttholes or Royal Trux. The real surprise is how Derry Legend clears room for pop chops, making it possible to see the Axemen's relation to bands like the Clean and the Gordons. A wonderful testament to the power and limits of form-bloat. Ahoy! - Byron Coley

Long overdue re-issue of this cracked pop classic and Flying Nun rarity, Derry Legend was one of Kurt Cobain's top NZ platters and a staple of his mix-tapes.

Another large project for Luxury Products as getting this printed correctly took a bit of extra work. When it was originally printed in 1984 they replaced the yellow ink in the CMYK process with silver, which created a very specific effect on the original version. So we had to find a way to replicate the exact look using current digital printing without breaking the bank. Fortunately the original seperations were found and it made it slightly easier. Also new promotional materials, OBI, and multiple newsprint inserts (as standard on Luxury Products releases) were created. All in all this is one of the projects I'm proudest of.



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