Crate+Dig is a music discovery app built around an entirely new set of data created by users instead of existing metadata. Because of this the recommendations are fresh and relevant to the user. All current music discovery platforms are using the same metadata that was generated by listening habits as the music industry and journalist saw them. The entire idea is to take the recommendation engine back to the people by finding out WHY they like what they like, instead of telling them what they should like. It's a completely new approach and concept. Combining swiping to learn preferences, user learning, data visualization, and a completely new algorithm.

Thanks to my previous music industry experience I was brought on to develop the UX and visual identity for Crate+Dig. Below is a lot of pieces of the puzzle. Including UX animations, wireframes, user profiles, onboarding, general documentation, logo examples, and more. This has been a huge project and this is only a small piece of what we have been working on. This has been the biggest UX project I have worked on to date. The onboarding we developed, in particular, is a thing of beauty.
Exhaustive user research was done to build and explore test cases. Please take a moment to look over this PDF of one such leg of research. For this case, the 9 users "pictured" to below were used. The data is how they would tag records and how that would fuel the system of recommendations. This data was then used to discover how we could build the best possible experiences for different types of users.







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